Documentary from 2004

The underwater explorations in the Molnár János Cave started more than 50 years ago. From the 1970’s they regularly dived there, and many years later they discovered the new part of the cave.

Back in the day, the diving was very different. There wasn’t a dive center in the site, the divers walked from the building of the Lukács Bath, and after crossing the street and the tram trails they arrived at the well-known metal gate. Their dives started at the old entrance which sometimes is in use nowadays as well. All the divers who dived, worked and explored the Molnár János Cave in the past tried to do their best and they made incredible discoveries. They had to build their own setups and needed to find out their own standards if they wanted to dive in caves safely. Although cave diving was considered a dangerous activity, they wanted to find out what lies beneath the city, and thanks to their efforts now many other divers can visit the cave.

Different types of equipment, different rules, different environments- you can see them if you watch this English speaking documentary from 2004. It shows not only the dive but the preparations too. It’s a fine movie from Reto Moser and Monika Nagy Moser and we absolutely recommend checking out. Although many things changed in the last few years in the cave, the excitement that the divers feel when they first see the wonderful underwater world of the Molnár is the same.