Photos by Gábor Kiss

Vintage photos from the Molnár János Cave by Gábor Kiss

Nearly two decades ago a renowned Hungarian nature photographer, Gábor Kiss was invited to take photographs in the cave. He won numerous awards in underwater photography contests and he was the winner of the prestigious Hungarian Nature Photographer of the Year award in 2004. With the help of the cave divers he made exciting photos and he had the chance to visit the recently discovered new parts of the cave too.

It was a challenging task as he didn’t use digital camera but an analog SLR camera for underwater photography. The diving in itself was different as there wasn’t a direct entrance to the big hall in the new section, they had to swim through from the old entrance. But Gábor managed to make great photos and I’m sure many of you will recognize the iconic places in the Cave.

We would like to thank to Gábor Kiss for giving us permission to share his photos!