The plan of the tunnel

The passage into the hill

Even János Molnár suggested building a tunnel inside the Józsefhegy to reach the cave. He emphasized the importance of this tunnel to make the cave accessible for those people who would appreciate the health benefits of the hot water.

More than a century later the Hungarian scientific magazine ‘Élet és tudomány’ published an article in September of 1976. Its title was ‘Gyógyhatású barlangok Budapesten’ (Caves with health benefits in Budapest). The author, Hubert Kessler Dr wrote the same as Molnár: it would be useful to build a tunnel to reach the cave. They planned an elevator as well to the hotel above the cave, and another tunnel to the Lukács Bath. They built only the first tunnel but they didn’t find the cave itself.

Only decades later, after the discovery of the new parts of the Molnár János Cave they made a direct connection from the tunnel to the big hall. 

These plans of the tunnels were published in the article from 1976.

Source: Arcanum Digitális Tudománytár