Opening of the Malomtó bisztró

In 1962 they decided the build a small coffee shop and restaurant near the Malom-tó. The building was finished in a few months and the Malomtó bisztró (Bar) became a popular meeting point in Buda. They shot there some movies as well. Fun fact: János Kádár, the leader of the Hungarian communist party, the de […]

The first siphon

After the failed first dives in the lake, the cavers tried to exploring inside the hill. There was the hole which was discovered by János Molnár and his colleagues, and they knew there is water inside but nobody were able to find a passage. In 1959 members of a university cavers’ club descended to the […]

Documentary from 2004

The underwater explorations in the Molnár János Cave started more than 50 years ago. From the 1970’s they regularly dived there, and many years later they discovered the new part of the cave. Back in the day, the diving was very different. There wasn’t a dive center in the site, the divers walked from the […]

Photos by Gábor Kiss

Vintage photos from the Molnár János Cave by Gábor Kiss Nearly two decades ago a renowned Hungarian nature photographer, Gábor Kiss was invited to take photographs in the cave. He won numerous awards in underwater photography contests and he was the winner of the prestigious Hungarian Nature Photographer of the Year award in 2004. With […]

The plan of the tunnel

The passage into the hill Even János Molnár suggested building a tunnel inside the Józsefhegy to reach the cave. He emphasized the importance of this tunnel to make the cave accessible for those people who would appreciate the health benefits of the hot water. More than a century later the Hungarian scientific magazine ‘Élet és […]

Dive report from 1974

A cave diver’s book about the Hungarian sites Gábor Mozsáry was the author of  “Föld alatti vizek mélyén” (Beneath water underground) book. One of the chapters about the dive in the Molnár János Cave. The divers started exploring in the underwater system in the seventies, so everything was new and exciting there. They swam around in […]

The Malom-tó in 1968

These photos which were taken in 1968 show the Malom-tó (the lake) and the surrounding area which everyone knows who visits the Molnár János Cave. In those years there was a small coffee shop near the lake.

The Turkish Bath in 1961

At the entrance of the Molnár János Cave you will find only the ruins of the Turkish Bath with the dome, they demolished the other parts of the entrance. The photo which was taken in 1961 shows the entrance of the public bath. Its condition was far from perfect. We embedded the street view as […]

The first dives

It was impossible to explore in the cave with the hard hat diving equipment. After the introduction of SCUBA equipment, the Hungarian scientists started testing them. In 1954 the team of Hubert Kessler dr., Attila Chambre, and Ödön Rádai started explorations in the Malom-tó to find a way to the Molnár János Cave. They borrowed […]

Hard hat diving in 1933

An interesting news reel from 1933: a hard hat diver checks the springs of the Lukács Bath. There is the lake as well, and you can can see the Frankel Leó street in the background.