Try the Shearwater dive computers

We are happy to announce that the MJCave Diving Center became an authorized Shearwater Demo Centre. Would you like to try the state-of-the-art dive computers of Shearwater, the Perdix, the Teric, or the Peregrine? Just write to us to the address for the details! If you like any models, you can also purchase them in our Diving Center!

In our dive center you can choose any models if you want to try them during a dive in the Molnar Janos Cave. We will show you their functions so you will get a real experience with them. If you want the most popular technical diving computer, the Shearwater Perdix, or the stylish Shearwater Teric, there is no better place for testing them. And you can also have a look at the new Shearwater Peregrine which is a favourite amongst the recreational divers.

You can learn more about the Shearwater dive computers in the manufacturer’s website